Thursday, February 22, 2018

Prima Lavender Loaded Envelope Pocket Journal~

With both the and Reneabouquets Etsy staying so busy now, I don't get a lot of extra time for paper crafting projects, but the new Beautiful Board & Printed Beautiful Board Laser Cut Chipboard Creations are so beautiful as is and they allowed me to put this Prima Lavender Loaded Envelope together in a snap!!

I started with a piece of Prima Lavender 12 x 12 Paper  and scored it in half at 6 Inches, folded it and cut it at 9 Inches. I then cut the front panel at a 45 degree angle and then glued the left side, bottom and right side to form a pocket.

Next, came a layer 6 Inch in length layer of  Flower Crown Lace topped with a 
Reneabouquets Beautiful Board Heart Lace Laser Cut Chipboard Border that I cut down to 6 Inches (saving the 2 Inch piece for the top of the Envelope), and then finger rubbing the already Vintage White BBoard with some Tim Holtz Tea Dye Distress Ink to bring out the edges.

I then cut out a sentiment from the Lavender Papers and mounted it into a Reneabouquets Printed Beautiful Board Small Lavender Lilac Heart Frame, and layered a Beautiful Board Tiny Lacy Heart Frame for a double layer heart effect~YUM!!

Next came layers of flowers from the following flower sets:
with some sweet Beautiful Board Tuck It In Ivy Laser Cut Chipboard that I inked with Tim Holtz Bundled Sage Distress Ink, and then added in detail with a distress marker on. I love these little cut apart pieces, so perfect for tucking into your florals!!

To finish out the envelope part of the project, I added on some True Love Story Butterflies, and then stuck a handcrafted stick pin that I had received from a swap partner into the florals. I used the left over piece of Heart Lace Beautiful Board to accent the top of the envelope.

I then created little pieces to load into my envelope.

A large tag cut from the Lavender Papers, topped with a seam binding bow and accented with a 

Another tag created from the music note paper in the Collection,
and a smaller pull out topped with a Beautiful Board Rose Bit Laser Cut Chipboard, when you turn the piece around,

you discover a little pocket with a folded booklet tuck in.

Here is the back view of the Piece.

I just love getting to create, it frees my soul and allows me to get to work with some of the pieces that I design for the shops!! I hope you enjoy working with the pieces that I create as well!! I love getting to see how different artist use my products in so many different way!! It is a feeling like no other to know that others enjoy what comes from my heart and soul. Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you get to create something "Beautiful With An Edge" for yourself!! Hugs ~Renea

Products Used On This Project From and the Reneabouquets Etsy:

Friday, January 12, 2018

All Things Tattered~

I grew up in a world of hand me downs and trash to treasures, and so I have a soft spot in my heart for all things Tattered. I created this layout to capture that love and I hope you enjoy my Tattered Layout! I used lots of new products from Reneabouquets and all the texture, dimension and detail of the products I design really help to pull off the look that I love.

I started with a sheet of Blue Fern Wanderlust Paper - Road Trip, and then cut down a second sheet from the same collection- Lakeside and distressed and inked the edges.

Next I used a large piece of torn edge corrugated board, and painted the entire board with Ranger Opaque Crackle, let that air dry to get the deep crackled effect that I love, and then misted it with 
Tim Holtz Faded Jeans Distress Spray Stain, then misted it with Tim Holtz Rusty Hinge Distress Spray Stain, and then shot it for a third time with Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Spray Stain.
I then took the sprayer off, and dipped a paint brush into the Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Spray Stain and painted the edges of my corrugated board. 

I tore off some pieces from the Wanderlust Petites Paper, Mod Podged those to the board, and then painted the edges with more of the Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Spray , and then added on some Tea Rose Beautiful Bits. Beautiful Board comes in a gorgeous Vintage White Color and I didn't need to do anything to these pieces to get the look I wanted!! 

To add in more texture, I took some burlap cloth and added it in, then topped it with my photo, and then added a Beautiful Board Open Rose Laser Cut Chipboard Frame. I used the frame in it's natural Vintage White color and then, 

took a script stamp and some Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Ink and accented the frame.

To add to the texture and dimension of the layout, I took some Tiny Heart Beautiful Bits, sprayed them with Tim Holtz Faded Jeans Distress Spray Stain, mixed them in with some Reneabouquets Rust Microbeads, and used them just like you would glitter or beads to create YUMMY puddles!!

I created a hinged look by taking some pieces from the Reneabouquets Latch Trinkets, and giving them a rust treatment.

I sponge painted some Beautiful Board Heart Lattice Elements Laser Cut Chipboard with Dina Wakley Gesso to get a textured effect and then cut them out and tucked them into random places on my layout, using the larger cut out pieces and the smaller leftover pieces to create pattern throughout my layout.

Using flowers from the following sets:
Vintage Blue Mini Roses Mulberry Paper Flower Set
I created floral spots on my layout, and then made twine bows and tucked those in, I inked Skeleton Leaf Beautiful Bits, and Rose Leaf Beautiful Bits with Tim Holtz Bundled Sage Distress Ink, combined them together and tucked those in.

I have wanted to do some words with my Beautiful Board Chipboard, but I just couldn't bring myself to do the same old, generic script words that other companies do, so I created Beautiful Words, and the one that I used on this layout is the Beautiful Words On Wood Grain Printed Beautiful Board With Word Option Tattered Laser Cut Chipboard.

I just love how the Printed Beautiful Board Wood Grain Base adds color and texture, while the Beautiful Board letters add dimension and texture. So Beautiful With An Edge!!

For the final touches, I took some a set of Double Side Printed Mid Winter's Dream Butterflies and added some of the misted Tiny Heart Beautiful Bits added those to the centers of the butterflies and popped a tiny little pearl on top of each heart.
Thank you for dropping by and letting me share a little piece of my Tattered Heart with you!!
I hope you have an amazing weekend, and find the time to create something beautiful for the heart yourself!! Hugs~Renea

The following is a short video with the details about the new Reneabouquets Beautiful Board Products that were used on this project:

You can find the following products that were used to create this layout at and in the Reneabouquets Etsy:

Saturday, December 9, 2017

25 Days Of Christmas Stuffed Envelope Pocket Journal~

Today, I have a large Stuffed Envelope Pocket Journal to share with you. I wanted to create a Vintage Christmas Theme, and I used lots of products from Reneabouquets to get that "days gone by" look that I just love~so nostalgic and so dear to my heart!

I started with a base that I created by cutting down manilla file folders and sewing them together to give me a piece that I can tuck lots of goodies into. I added a layer of distressed edge Blue Fern Studios Vintage Christmas Paper , and then edged the pocket out with Silver Christmas German Glitter Glass.
I ran a piece of Vintage Wedding Lace across the bottom. I added some Reneabouquets Beautiful Board Laser Cut Chipboard Medium Victorian Scroll Pattern pieces, 

and then fussy cut out a Christmas Tree from the papers, adding texture paste to the edges for a snowy effect and layered that on top of the BBoard pieces.  I then added some flowers from the following RB Flower Sets:

Winter White Mulberry Poinsettias, Curly Roses & Holly Leaves Flower Set

Soft Pink Roses Gardenias & Leaves Flower Set
Pink & Ivory Mini Roses Flower Set
to the corner of the tree, popped on a little Magical Miniatures Premium Paper Double Side Printed Watercolor Spun Sugar Butterfly, and took a small glass vile, filled it with Silver Christmas German Glitter Glass, added a "wonderful" sentiment to it along with some hand dyed seam binding and a tiny Pink & Ivory Mini Rose, and tucked that behind the flowers for a fun embellishment for the journaling tags inside the pocket.

I then added a Large My Doll And Me Printed Beautiful Board Laser Cut Chipboard Die Cut, and then created a little seam binding bow with silver tiny jingle bells and added that to the scroll boarder.

I added a sweet, little bottle brush wreath to the top corner of the pocket, adding some matching flowers and seam binding bow to decorate it up.

All the tags and booklets were made from the Blue Fern Studios Vintage Christmas Papers
and include:
2 Large Double Sided Tags with Seam Binding Bows topped with Anastasia Rhinestone Brooches
2-Medium, Double Sided Tags with Seam Bow Binding Bows topped with Pink & Ivory Mini Roses
2- Small Double Sided Pull Outs
2- Folded Pieces
A Little Jar of Silver German Glitter Glass

The backside of the pocket is finished out in matching papers and edged with the Silver German Glitter Glass for a finished, designer look.

I hope you have enjoyed the walk through of my Stuffed Envelope Pocket Journal, and I also hope that you are enjoying this Christmas Season!! Now it is time to grab a big (ok huge) cup of hot chocolate and lounge around the fire place and dream up some new Reneabouquets Creations!! Hugs ~Renea

Products Used From and the Reneabouquets Etsy:

Winter White Mulberry Poinsettias, Curly Roses & Holly Leaves Flower Set

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Create A Christmas Card While You Get Ready to Head Out The Door~

As we head into the busy Holiday Season, I have less and less time to create! Between family, designing, manufacturing and packaging new products for my Reneabouquets Shops, I just don't have a spare moment!!
So here is the scenario:
You are about to start getting ready to head to a friends or families party or dinner, and you realize you need a nice card and you would love for it to be one that you created, not one of those grab and go cards from the convenience store.
Create one as you are getting ready, and here is how:
Grab a shower, then

Grab a really nice quality 12 x 12 sheet of scrapbooking paper. I used the a piece from the Blue Fern Studios Vintage Christmas 2 Paper Collection. Cut it in half , leaving you with a 6 x 12 Inch piece.
Score it in half, forming a 6 x 6 Card. Take the other half, cut it in half and heavily distress the edges, and add some Reneabouquets Diamond Chunky Glitter Glass for a nice icy look and set aside to dry.

When you use a nice quality, double side paper, you have a really nice finished out inside, like this one.

Use the other half  of the paper that you are making the cover with, distress the edges and add it to the back side of the card.

Cut a sentiment from your paper stash, take a paint brush and brush on some Ranger Texture Paste.
While all of this is drying, go dry your hair, style it and apply your makeup.

Come back add the glitter edged paper to the card, run some Reneabouquets Bridesmaid Lace across the bottom, add your glittered snowflake to the base, attach to the front of the card. Take some foam tape and add a Reneabouquets Printed Beautiful Board Small Victorian Winter Die Cut In Frosty Pink. Add a leftover piece of the lace to the top of the card.

Add Reneabouquets a Winter White Poinsettia, and some holly leaves, a
Reneabouquets Red Mini Rose to the bottom, and repeat some flowers at the top. Brush the Pink & White Roses with some of the Texture Paste Sprinkle with silver glitter.
Remember a little glitter in your hair , on your clothes and mixed in with your makeup looks amazing at this time of year-LOL!!
While that is drying, pull on your clothes, grab the card and out the door you go with a wonderful, heart felt, handcrafted card in your hand!!!
Reneabouquets Products were designed to make crafting, fun and original while giving you details , dimensions and textures that make creating a breeze!!
 I hope you enjoy your Holiday Season!! Thanks for stopping by!! Hugs ~Renea

 Items used on this project that you can find at and in the Reneabouquets Etsy:

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Rose Garden Fairy Tea Cup~

I love to create miniatures!! They remind me so much of my childhood and creating miniatures with my Pawpaw. To me there is nothing more magical than creating a "little world" of my own.

I started with a Reneabouquets 
that I put together, and then stuffed with some Teddy Bear Fluff, so that I could start my layering.
Beautiful Board Medium Brick Element, emptied out almost all of the bricks to leave a skeleton, and made the background wall for my fairies garden. I added sand texture and some 
Rose Gold Microbeads to the bricks that I left in place. I added some Pink Sorbet Mini Roses
to simulate roses growing up the wall. 
Next, I tucked in a Watercolor Rose Garden Fairy Double Side Printed Die Cut, and added some glitter paint accents to the front side.

I used flowers from the following flower sets to add to the garden theme:
Spring Green Roses & Leaves
I then dangled a little Fairy Trinket over the edge of the cup.

I used Bridesmaid Lace  on the Saucer, and then added some flowers from the following sets:

I added the sweet little moon Fairy Trinket to the bottom flowers, and popped a little piece of bling onto the top.

These little tea cups are so much fun to make!! I love that you end up with a sweet little miniature that you can view from all sides and use to decorate your home, child's room, party or wedding shower with!!

Thank you for stopping by and indulging my love for all things miniature!! I hope that you get to create something that reminds you of the ones you love when you get some crafting time. Hugs ~Renea

Products Used From and the Reneabouquets Etsy: